With its striking temples, exotic wildlife, spectacular islands, dazzling cities, fascinating history, exotic culture, world renowned cuisine and signature therapeutic massage, it is no wonder that Thailand continues to break records for tourist arrivals. In 2013, the Tourism Authority of Thailand anticipates more than 22 million international visitors.

But there is another kind of tourism. It is called 'medical tourism' and its watershed moment occurred way back in 2005 when the award-winning American news program 60 Minutes aired its documentary featuring Bumrungrad International Hospital. Although Europeans and Asians had long known that hopping a border has many benefits, suddenly Americans - who had been slow to catch on - wanted to know more about this hospital with the name they couldn't pronounce.

First-class Joint Commission International accredited hospitals like Bumrungrad and Bangkok Hospital with state-of-the-art medical technology, top-notch internationally trained physicians, and treatment costs that are 50-70% lower than they are in the west, drew 2.5 million foreign patients to the Land of Smiles 2012.

Medical tourism is exactly what it sounds like: traveling abroad primarily for the purpose of acquiring specialized medical attention, and there are a number of reasons for the surge in patients coming to Thailand.


For a fraction of the price of a procedure at your local hospital you can find a US-trained and accredited doctor at an internationally renowned hospital utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and specializing in the very same procedure.


You're not going to have forever off work to take a vacation or medical leave, so why sacrifice a foreign vacation just because you need or want a medical procedure when you can have both and still save money with the low cost of food and lodging in Thailand?


Most of us have dream destinations, and if you're getting time off of work and need to spend the money on medicine anyway, why not save money and finally see one of those dream destinations?

Procedural Availability:

Not all medical procedures are covered by health insurance, and if your doctor has recommended a procedure that your insurance won't pay for, it's time to explore other options.

Escape: Sure, there's no place like home, but who wants to be stuck there before surgery or while recovering when you can cross an ocean and be left in peace with that special someone by your side?

Get More:

The lower cost of procedures in Thailand means that you can get all your check-ups, your major procedure, and any others you may have wanted - and still have money left over after relaxing for a week or two with us at GM Suites.